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Buy Ruka-Pyhä skipasses now online and save up to 5 %!


You can buy ski pass from online even you don't  have existing KeyCard.  You can define per each ski pass that do you have existing KeyCard or do you need a new one.  SkiPasses for existing Keycard or Swatch Access automatically loaded via touchless RFID connection at lift gates prior to your first ride up.  New Keycards are available in selected pick-up point at day before ski pass start day at after 4 pm.

Ruka and Pyhä introduced this online-service already 1999, and now over 20 % of our skipasses are bought online.  


1) You buy SkiPass for existing KeyCard smartcard or a Swatch Access clock or you can also order a new one. KeyCard ID-number must start with digits 01-, 25- or 30-. KeyCard with ID-number starting 8-, 14- and 29- cannot be used on the webshop and KeyCards with starting number 8-, 14- and Swatch Access clock cannot be used on lift pass sale points. KeyCard with ID-number 25- have only one layer, so it cannot be used if it already contains active ski pass (for example season pass of another ski resort).

2) Online-discount is  up to 5% for skipasses bought latest the day before. See full skipass pricetable here.  NOTE! Family discount is given always from the cashier price, not online

3) Available skipasses and payment: You can buy a ski pass for 1-15 days or afternoon ski pass (from 1 pm to 7 pm). Visa / Mastercard and Finnish internet banks are accepted for payment. Skipasses can be bought maximum 30 days in advance. For skipasses starting today online-discount is not available.  The ski pass is ready to use at lift gates in 20 minutes from payment.

4) Special price groups (Kids, Youths, Seniors) ski passes users should be ready to prove their age using ski pass. We monitor randomly usage ofspecial price ski passes.

5) Changes and cancellation: Already purchased skipasses (online or other) cannot be changed, modified or cancelled. Same conditions apply to online skipasses and normal skipasses. See detailed terms and conditions for skipasses. - © 2018 Rukakeskus Oy
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